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„There are better things ahead than any we leave behind“

          Honestly, the Year 2020 has been very difficult for all of us. I would never believe what could happen. But really this year was from beginning and still is very mentally demanding. From the word COVID became forbidden word…but don´t be afraid my friends…we´re still here, we survived and the End is behind the corner. Everyone of course including me hopes that the Year 2021 will be „IN“. The next 12 months will be perfect. I believe it and I wish it to everyone. 

So with right foot and the smile on our face we have to step forward to the Year 2021 … all the best, good health, positive thoughts, perfect mood.

„There are better things ahead than any we leave behind“


     There are few targets which are in my head from the time when I thought about everything we went through. 

First of all…be happy, second…be happy, third…be hapy.  And definitely we´re.

„The rich is not the one who has everything but the one who needs little to be happy“

    And last but not least also very important but only for me. I would like to share with you about ours experiences. Because of that I try to start with our BLOG. In my head the BLOG is very very long time, maybe more than 4 years.  I have a lot of to write. I can only hope you´ll read it and you´ll like it. So thank you if you read it and of course I´ll be very happy and satisfied if you comment it and for every your opinion. And my next own target and also very important and huge challenge for me is… Half maraton…yes 21,0975 kilometres. So distance is clear and time? I read in some article that the time limit is till 3 hours, ok good for me.

BLOG is working and half maraton…I´ll let you know but I’m in sports training now and the deadline till the end 2021. By the way Ota promised he goes too, distance is clear for him also but time limit of course shorter than me.😢 He also told that´s only my idea and I want from him to do it. But don´t believe him, not true, it was completely his voluntary decision.

„It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves“

William Shakespeare

Let´s go, here´s link to the article in the BLOG…😉

How it all began ...

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