How it all started ...

„Make of your life a dream, and of a dream a reality“

Antone De Saint-Exupéry

     So, yes it´s more than 7 years what we turned a dream into a reality. We live a little, sometimes more than enough, life full of the adventure. Adventure, me and Ota, we have completely different opinion to this word. But because I write the BLOG so you´ll read my view. 😉 Exactly, we listen so often „How is possible that Czech people are living on the sea? You don´t have sea.“ Our answer „It was Ota´s dream from his childhood.“ He persuaded me finally. It took to him more than one year. He told and promised me… „it will be okay, you can´t be afraid of anything, you won´t be sick, no seasickness, no vomiting. It´s enough to have huge respect from the sea, check weather forecast, and everything will be ok.“ Although I was very afraid at the beginning, I couldn´t imagine to leave everything and start completely new and different life but I agreed in the end. So after seven years… Yes, yes…we´re still living on the boat, it´s fine, funny, huuuuge respect, adrenalin, adventure and amazing freedom…it´s us and it´s our home here. And how we started… We had different requirements what we wanted from our yacht, from our new home.

     For me was important…little bit bigger kitchen, enough storage space, comfortable bedroom and last but not least normal bathroom with shower where I will be able to stand. That´s for me, as for woman, very very important, I think you understand me.

New Dawn

     And what about Ota…good quality of navigation, the safety, central cockpit, great sail, and if the boat turned 180 degrees (I can´t be afraid, it will never happen) so will quickly turns back with the mast above the surface. Ok, we combined and connected everything, we agreed to each other and the result is…we have amazing yacht from the English shipyard MOODY. She fulfills every our requirement and several times showed she is realy safe and we can rely on her in every weather. Aaaaand the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in one word…super. 🥰 

     She waited for us in English town Gosport, we gave her new name …NEW DAWN…and really our new and different life has started the 15th of July 2013. For me absolutely everything new, unkown, sometimes, quite often, difficult to understand, and so it took a while. We spent nearly one year in Gosport, in England, got to know everything, testing cruises and we tried to prepare everything for our way. All has started in April 2014 and we set sail for adventure.

„All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them“

Walt Disney
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