Memories II

Memories II

And now it´s time for the others memories. We speak about them more often because we´re not alone but also with our friends. 

„It is not so much our friends help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us.”


Trouble in England…

We sailed all together with our friends Hanz and Dub around England about one month. We anchored in Cowes town in the island Isle of Wight. We spent there two nights waiting for better weather, buying stocks and adding water. We have two tanks, altogether 800 liters. Everytime, when we refilled water, we had put a sock over the water gun. It was because to stop the dirt going to the tank. Our two friends had the task to fill up the water. Ota gave them very long lesson how to do it and the emphasis was on the sock😊🚿. Meantime we prepared the dinner and the evening movie.  Not even 5 minutes after this lesson we heard from outside „and sh…“ and Dub was calling from the cockpit „captain, we have maybe problem, the sock fell there“ suddenly Hanz is shouting „how we have problem, I´m staying on the pier and I run the water. You´re on the boat to check the hose and water gun“. I think I can´t describe captain´s heart attack. Who knows him, you can imagine what was after that🤯. It was after the calm athmosphere of the evening. We had to dismantle the table in the salon and also the floor to get into the water tank for the sock. It´s true we found three more water pistols inside. They were waiting for us from the previous owner. However everything was ok in the end, floor and table we mounted back, filled the water, dinner was nice and we already laughed at that in the movie. We haven´t put the sock in there since .    

Next day in the morning we prepared everything for leaving the port. It was nice weather, 13 degrees and good wind direction. So we dressed to the sailing clothes I went to pay the bill and to say them we´re leaving. Boys prepared the boat. When I returned I couldn´t believe my eyes. Ota was getting out of the water, completely dressed even in shoes, jacket and the cap. Yes really, believe me this is true. Hanz throwed up the hand, his mouth tried to laugh and said „me nothing, I didn´t do anything at all, I didn´t even touch anything.“ With Ota´s words „I spoke with Hanz, climbed with one foot on the rope, tried to tow a yacht, and the combination of new shoes with a slippery sole and the wet did its thing. I lose my balance and fall into the water.“  It´s hard to believe but even the captain is only a human. So every clothes down for to dry and hope it´ll be dry soon. But finally we set sail.

From the board

Mooring is not for everybody…

And what about when we sailed with our friends from neighborhood Vasek and Alenka. We sailed from Poros island to the marina in Athens. We prepared for anchoring on mooring ropes second half of the sailing (mooring ropes attached together with the chain to the concrete blocks). When we´re on mooring ropes it means we´re not on the anchor but the boat is moored with the stern to the pier and the bow is moored with mooring ropes. We divided the tasks and explained what to do and how. Ota, of course, behind the helm, my task was working with mooring ropes and our friends Vasek and Alenka they should throw the back ropes to the marionero on the pier. Ok we entered the port and at the moment we all know what to do. We anchored with the stern into our place in the marina, I had taken the mooring rope on the hook and ran to the front. At the same time I heard marinero shouting to Ota „Captain, the ropes, give me the ropes.“  Ota was shouting to Vasek „Vasek give him the ropes, do you hear me, throw him the ropes“. I wasn´t waiting for anything I had moored the rope in the front, ran back to the stern and threw one rope to the marinero. I had taken second mooring rope and went back to the bow with it. Vasek but propably Alenka gave the second rope to the marinero 😊👍.  We moored the boat and Ota spoke with Vasek why he didn´t throw the ropes… Ota said „why you didn´t throw the ropes, we spoke about it, explained everything, everyone know what to do. Marinero is shouting, me is shouting to you“ and Vasek answered „because I wanted to see Petra, I was very interested in her how she moors the boat.“ 

„Every job is done by herself, she must be given enough time to do so“

Mooring isn’t truly for everybody…

One memory from our first year in Crete and with our friend Pecza with his family😊…We sailed back from the Spinalonga bay by the village Plaka to our winter home in Agios Nikolaos. Again we spoke about what to do, everyone had his own task. Ota the helm, me mooring ropes, Lucka (our friends wife) watch the children and Bauki 😊 and finally our friend Pecza back ropes to the pier and checking our tender on Davits because there is a pillar with the electricity on the pier. Checking of Davits with tender it´s because Ota has a poor rear view from the helm. Yes yes, it almost worked out. Ota sailed stern to the pier, my mooring ropes were also ok, Lucka watched children and Bauki perfect and also watched the fenders on the sides which protects our and surrounding ships before the accident. Pecza threw the ropes to the marinero on the pier and the marinero is shouting from the shore „stop, stop, there´s pillar with electricity, stop, go front no back, captain front front“ and after that light blow. Of course we hit the pillar with electricity and water, what else.

Thanks God nothing happened, everything turned out well. The pillar is ok, electricity is working, water flows, we and the boat are fine. And Peczas´s response „cool, it´s fine, I did the task for 50%, didn´t I?“ What else we can say. He was right, even 50% counts.

The caring mothers

I have great friends. I know I can speak with them about everything, we can consult each other, what and how, when, where, who etc. The time which I spend with them is for me nice and I like these moments. And besides these of my friends are also super mothers. They have amazing kids and all together they were on our boat.  

I don´t want to say their names, they know. Every is different but great. I love you girls and sorry for publication. But it was fine, wasn´t it?

Afternoon relax, the bay, the sun, swimming, a glass of wine, the book … and my stupid question „Where are your children?“ caring mother´s answer „Do I know, they swam somewhere“ me „Hmmm I see and where? We´re on a deserted island, desolate everywhere, rocks. And did they leave barefoot or only in water shoes?“ next page in the book and answer „Look, I really don´t know, but I´m not afraid, they will take care of themselves, soon will be dinner.“ „Well no, so if you say it, I won´t stress“ I´m still sitting at the back and I´m looking for children…finally I see them. Friends´s answer „you see, I told it to you, that they will return, no stress.“ 

Second caring mother…

Quick breakfast, preparing for sailing and for leaving the safe place in the bay. I have to say the sea was very wild and rough, unfortunately no wind. Which meant without sails for stabilization. We have to motorsail and we swayed uncomfortably on the waves. Mother´s question „George, are you ok, aren´t you sick?“ the boy´s answer „no mom, I´m not, I´m ok.“ After 5 minutes „George, are you really ok, aren´t you sick?“ The boy´s asnwer „no, really not mom“ „and your belly is ok, does your stomach hurt?“ asked mother. „No mom, the stomach doesn´t hurt me“. This went for another 20 minutes and the answer to the last question was „mom, I´m little bit sick, my stomach hurts a little“. I was very slow. I didn´t even have time to climb the first step to the salon because of vomiting bag, and in the same time the whole cockpit was painted. After that was the avalance reaction. Captain left from the cockpit for the fresh air, father with second son each looked to the different directions at the back of the boat. I was in the cockpit with my head out of the cockpit for breathing fresh air and tried to keep Bauki from going there to look. But by the way the vomiting bag helped to the mother 😊🤢. After our arrival to the safe port we washed whole boat and in the end we have nice funny memory. Well, it happens neither the first not the last. Every had the seasick and who says no so he lies or has never been on the boat. I have seasick relatively regularly at the beginning of the sailing season. Everytime I need my body and brain to get used to it. 

„Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief”

Marcus Tullius Cicero
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